Module One to Two of the Niche Blueprint 2 Course in Review

By Bob Grease

In this article we are going to look at modules one and two, which is week 1 of Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton's Niche Blueprint 2 E-Commerce Training Course.

As is quite normal with these courses module one is mostly an introduction. Contained within this module are introductions to all of the modules that follow as well as information on what you should expect plus what you should have done at the end of each and every module.

Three individual PDF's with goal sheets and QuickStart flowcharts plus an overview can be found in module one. There is also a video where the program is explained to you, how the program will work, how you will receive the content and ultimately how you will actually go about making money with your niche blueprint 2.0 stores are the main things covered in this video.

The focus of the second module is all about how you need to go about finding and selecting your niches. You will be taught how to Brainstorm ideas for stores and conduct research. When you complete this module you should have your main idea ready for you to build a store around.

This module includes 4 PDF's for brainstorming resources, its goal sheet and market research process chart. There are also three videos in this module which provide all the information necessary to research different markets and come up with your store ideas and their suitability for E commerce.

These modules are crystal clear and in them Steve Clayton does an excellent job of leading you, with step-by-step instructions on how to find your niche e-commerce store ideas.

I couldn't help noticing the clarity in the videos, normally these courses can be somewhat vague at times but that does not seem to be the case with niche blueprint 2 and so I believe it will make it a lot easier for newcomers.

What I particularly love about this module is that Steve not only explains things very clearly and simply but also includes the tools necessary to do the job. As they also include a branded copy of the keyword research tool market samurai.

Currently market Samurai happens to be the tool I use most for market research. Both I and my colleague use this tool heavily, in fact I'm using it now in the background even as I write this article.

In this module Steve Clayton even shows you exactly how to use market Samurai to obtain your target keywords for niches.

He will tell you the criteria necessary for these keywords and then go on to show you a demonstration from within market Samurai on video. You are able to see Steve Clayton at work as he randomly finds target keywords.

I would say that the instructions throughout these modules are so good and the tools provided of such quality that really anyone who puts some effort into this will be finding loads and loads of profitable niches in no time. - 33374

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